Age-Less Strength is a new strength gym, a new strength family in the South Bay. We have specializations in strength training, powerlifting, strict curling, and martial arts. We offer personal training, individualized programming, IPF approved Rogue equipment, plates and bars in kg and lbs, as well as a variety of other strength training and fitness equipment. We also offer a variety of personal training, membership and non-membership access to the gym, daily, weekly, and monthly passes.

So, whether you’re new to the strength community, a seasoned veteran, a Bay Area resident or native, or simply visiting, Age-Less Strength is here for you! Come try us out for a day and become a part of the Age-Less movement. We are here to prove that strength is not defined by a persons age, but rather the strength of their heart and character! This is the mission that Age-Less Strength stands by wholeheartedly!

Welcome everyone to Age-Less Strength! We are excited to continue to grow this journey and community. We look forward to working with you and having you become a part of our family 💪